About Friends in Adoption

Who We Are

Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a non-profit, pro-choice, licensed agency with a focus on helping people make informed decisions concerning adoption. FIA is committed to open adoption, inclusiveness, and providing lifelong support to all members of the adoption circle.

FIA employs a network of dedicated, experienced and caring adoption professionals. Although our administrative offices are located in Vermont and New York, we are able to provide free and confidential adoption services for pregnant women/couples anywhere in the United States.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to keep the central focus on the needs of each child and to provide compassionate adoption services for the unique individuals involved in the adoption process.

Our team members are sensitive and skillful in all areas concerning adoption. They are here to listen and assist. They feel a personal connection to each and every adoption.

We recognize that adoption is a life-long process based on trust, honesty and mutual responsibility, and we promote open adoption and provide lifelong support to each member in the adoption circle — placing each child at the center of what we do. We are Friends in Adoption.