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Video: Matt and Renee -We are ready to adopt a child!

Having a family is the most important thing to us and being parents is a lifelong goal. Being given the chance to build our family through adoption is a blessing we are so happy to have. Both sides of our family are looking forward to meeting the newest addition and are so excited to welcome a child into all of our lives! We all look forward to loving and cherishing a new family member.

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A new edition of Connections is out!

The Fall/2016 edition of Connections, Friends in Adoption's newsletter, is now available for download. Enjoy learning about baby Eli's adoption story, Dawn's Desk, A story by birth mother Katy, and many wonderful photos and letters from FIA families. Spreading the joy of the gift of adoption!

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An Inside View on Open-Adoption

Matthew, an FIA (Friends in Adoption) spokesperson for the APC Conference and now, a college applicant, shares his college essay with our FIA community. Below he describes his open-adoption experiences through the years, discarding many adoption taboos along the way.

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AmazonSmile Brings a SMILE to FIA!

On #GivingTuesday, please make a donation to Friends in Adoption, or sign up with AmazonSmile & Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible purchases to Friends In Adoption whenever you shop on AmazonSmile!

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Our future needs us

To All of our LGBTQ+ Families and to the LGBTQ families throughout the country, My heart breaks for our children. As parents we must remain strong and united. We must show our children through action that we will fight for their rights. We will show them by example how to live life in kindness and respect. (read more)

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Annual Giving More Through Adoption Birth Mother Retreat

Each birth mother is as unique as the circumstances leading to that woman’s choice to place her child for adoption. One common thread for birth/first mothers is that adoption is a life-long decision. Life post-adoption is a journey, often with ups and downs, and support along that journey is very helpful. Many women find support in birth mother support groups, and FIA is pleased to spread the word about an upcoming birth mother retreat on November 11-12, 2016, in Clifton Park, NY!

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The Adoption Process from the Expectant Mother’s Perspective

What is it really like to decide on adoption, look through parent profiles to choose a family, and place your child in their arms—and how can the adoption process better serve these women? Article - by Barbara Herel This piece has valuable insights from both Dawn Smith-Pliner and the birthmothers. I often think back to...
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Video: Deana, Ryan and Ian

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Deana, Ryan and Ian's Adoption Profile Video Transcript:

Deana: Hi I’m Deana

Ryan: I’m Ryan

Ian: Hi I’m Ian

Deana: And we want to thank you for taking time to watch our video. We know that in our profile we talk a lot about who we are as individuals and as a family but in this video we really want to show you what we are like as parents and the kinds of things we like doing.

Ryan: Deana and I have been married for almost 11 years, we currently live in Central New York where we both grew up and recently built a house together. And this little guy was born in 2010 and we both absolutely love being parents and can’t wait to expand our family through adoption.

Deana: I love being a mom, and getting to spend time playing with Ian and reading together and watching him laugh and change and grow. He asks such great questions, and every moment is a new adventure. I have been a first grade teacher for the past 9 years, and really enjoy working with little ones. They make me smile every day and I get so much joy from what they accomplish in one short year. I’m also fortunate to have summers off and lots of vacations to spend with my own family. I love animals and reading – anything from US Weekly to Harry Potter to the classics. It sounds cliché but my favorite thing is just having fun with my family and spending time together.

Ryan: I really love kids and have such a great time playing with Ian and my nephews. I don’t care how goofy or silly I look as long as we’re all laughing and having fun. It’s really important for me to be an involved dad and luckily I work for an advertising agency that’s very family oriented and gives me the flexibility to be home every night on time to cook dinner and give Ian his bath. I love being part of his school activities and helping coach his t-ball team. I also love watching and playing most sports.

Ian: Hi I’m Ian, I’m five years old and I started Kindergarten.

Deana: What are some things you love?

Ian: Ninja Turtles, my cousins and my cat Scout.

Deana: What do you love about your cat Scout?

Ian: He’s so cute and I love hugging him every day I come home.

Ryan: Deana and I can’t wait to expand our family through adoption.

Deana: I can’t safely get pregnant again, but adoption has been a part of both of our families and we both know that we have so much love in our hearts to give to another child and our extended families can’t wait to have another little one around to hug and kiss and spoil. And we just can’t wait to welcome that special little someone.

Deana: We live in a suburban neighborhood with many kids. We love spending time at home playing games and watching movies. Family time is not only a priority for us, but it’s something we just really love doing.

Ryan: In the summer, we spend time at my parent’s summer house on the lake. The kids love swimming, fishing, going on creek adventures, and going out on the boat. We are fortunate to live near both of our families, and we do a lot of activities with my sisters and their kids.

Deana: We love doing fun things on the weekend – mini-golf, the zoo, Dave & Busters, museums, we love going apple and pumpkin picking, and building snowmen in the winter. We get to really experience all four seasons in Central New York and we take full advantage of that.

Ryan: As parents, we want our kids to be curious, to love learning, but also to play and have fun. We always try to remember what it’s like to be a kid.

Deana: We want our children to dream big and know that we will always support them in whatever they do. Most of all we want them to feel surrounded by love, and to always know how much they mean to us.

Deana: Thanks again for taking the time to watch our video. We know that if you do choose adoption we may not be the family that you select it may be one of the other great Friends in Adoption families, but if you do choose us please know that we will always speak lovingly about your child’s birth story and the love and the courage that went into your choice and we wish you much peace and comfort in your decision.

Ryan: Thanks again for taking the time to watch our video.

Ryan, Deana, and Ian: Bye

About Us

HELLO! We are Deana, Ryan and Ian. We hope that this video gives you a glimpse of who we are as a family. In our home, we laugh often, act silly, eat minion-shaped pancakes, cuddle for bedtime stories, pretend to be ninja turtles, value kindness, and love with all our hearts. We understand that as you explore adoption profiles you are faced with a difficult decision, and we wish you comfort in whatever choice you make. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. To learn more about us, please read our adoption profile. Thank you.

If you are considering adoption for your child, please read Deana, Ryan & Ian's complete adoption profile, with beautiful photos and their personal story, by clicking on the link below:

Deana, Ryan and their son Ian hope to adopt a child and grow their family.

Deana, Ryan and their son Ian hope to adopt a child and grow their family.

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