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Video: Robert, Nathan and Virginia

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Video Transcript:

Nathan: Hi, I’m Nathan.

Robert: And I am Robert.

Virginia: And I’m Virginia.

Nathan: So by now we figured you’ve looked at our profile, you've learned a lot about us, about us as individuals, as a couple, as a family with our daughter, and our extended families, our friends, our home, all the different things we like to do — but this video gives you a chance to hear us and see us moving, and us a chance to tell you even a little more about ourselves.

Robert: We're really excited to expand our family. We really enjoy being parents and we hope to become parents again. We love all aspects, i think, of parenting — even some of the aspects that people don’t really like but we like them!

Nathan: Yeah, having a child can be a handful but you take the good with the bad and really all of it is kind of a roller coaster ride that is a lot of fun. Really, in the end. I mean, we love roller coasters so actually any roller coaster ride would be great for us.

Robert: That’s true.

Nathan: But, the child roller coaster ride is full of more ups and downs than a regular roller coaster.

Robert: We’re very fortunate to have jobs that allows us to spend a lot of time with our family. I work at Harvard Medical school as an educator and I’m always able to come home when I need to and to spend a lot of quality time with our daughter.

Nathan: And I’m a TV producer and I work very close by and I’m able to go to events at our daughter’s school, which I think is a really important thing for us to do as parents — Be there for the first day of school, pickup, whatever. Anyways, we’ve been talking about being parents, why don’t we bring Virginia in to meet you!

Nathan: How old are you going to be soon?

Virginia: Five! I got this at the party that I had yesterday.

Nathan: Yeah…

Virginia: *whispers* Who are you making it for?

Nathan: What did you say?

Virginia: *whispers* Who are you making it for?

Nathan: For what?

Virginia: *whispers* The video.

Nathan: Oh, we’re making this for a birth mommy. Just like your birth mommy.

Virginia: *whispers* — Inaudible —

Nathan: Yeah, that may have a baby that we make part of our family. Would you like to have a little baby in our family?

Virginia: Yeah! And I will give her this!

Nathan: Or him.

Virginia: Or him or her, this.

Nathan: That would be nice. Alright honey, we love you very much and we’re happy you’re part of the video and part of our family. So we hope to hear from you.

Robert: Bye!

Nathan: Bye! Want to wave Virginia? Bye!

Virginia: Bye, I love you!

About Us

HELLO! We’re Robert, Nathan and Virginia and we are so glad that you’re taking some time to read about us. Through the gift of adoption, we were blessed with our wonderful, beautiful daughter who has brought incredible joy to our lives. We’re all ready to share our lives and adventures with another special child and hope that from reading our adoption profile, you’ll learn what a caring, loving and fun family we are. We gratefully welcome the chance to meet you.

Virginia came home to us through the gift of adoption in 2010. She transformed our lives more than we ever expected. We truly appreciate every day as parents. Our easy-going nature and ability to adapt to the challenges of life have helped us make a home that encourages creativity, joy, compassion and an abundance of love.

If you are considering adoption for your child, please read Robert, Nathan & Virginia's complete adoption profile, with beautiful photos and their personal story, by clicking on the link below:

Robert, Nathan and Virginia hope to adopt a child and grow their family.

Robert, Nathan and Virginia hope to adopt a child and grow their family.

Read Our Adoption Profile

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