Alfredo, Arianna's & Carlo Adoption Profile

Hello and welcome! We truly appreciate that you are taking the time to visit our adoption profile and we hope you will enjoy getting to know us. Our names are Arianna and Alfredo and our son’s name is Carlo.

After learning about the benefits of open adoption, we felt very enthusiastic about it, fully embracing the idea. We feel that an open adoption, and the possibility of an extended family through open adoption, may be the best situation for a child and everyone else involved in the adoption process.

We understand that you may be considering all options for you and for your child. We feel honored and humbled that you are reading our adoption profile and would like for you to know that we will respect your decisions and choices, whichever they may be. We are absolutely committed to embracing any situation that will contribute to the emotional wellbeing of a child.

Please feel free to explore our profile and learn more about us and our lives. Thank you! Ciao. — Alfredo & Arianna

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