Laurin and Levi's Adoption Profile

Hello! Thank you for considering me in your journey to find a forever family and home for your child. I wish you good luck and ultimately happiness in this journey. I adopted my first son, Levi; as a result I am empathic of the process that the birth mother and birth father must go through in order to make this very difficult and brave decision. I understand you may be considering all of your options, and I hope that my experience will bring some comfort to you and be the beginning to this new journey for all of us.

I believe you are wise and brave. I believe you are wise, because you figured out a way to turn a difficult situation into a positive for you and your child. I believe you are brave, because you are making a decision that is difficult.

As a potential parent through adoption, I promise you that if you chose me that I will cherish your child. I promise that your child will find his/her place in the world and discover whoever he/she truly may be. I promise I will encourage your child to love whomever he/she may be and be proud of where he/she came from. I will encourage your child to be proud to have you as a birth mother or birth father.

I hope that my adoption profile gives you enough insight into my life, and a clear understanding of my hopes and dreams for Levi and my future son or daughter. I hope that, as you view and read my website, you will find yourself smiling and imagining your child playing with Levi and my extended family; being loved by me and my friends and family; and growing to be an amazing, talented and successful person.

I hope that you can see your child truly loving life in my home. I am looking forward to bringing a second child into my home and life.

Love, —Laurin and Levi

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