On location in Hawaii, filming volcanoes.Hiking to the top of a glacier to get the perfect shot!

Amy, by Ashley

Amy is a photographer and documentary filmmaker. Her job has taken her on many exciting adventures, which she loves sharing with friends and family. Amy is self-employed and works out of our home, which will allow her to make taking care of a child her number one priority. Amy can connect with just about anyone, and has a knack for making people feel listened to and really understood. Amy's work reflects this sensitivity and I am always amazed at what it reveals about the world around us. Children love Amy - I think they sense her goodness and fairness and relate to her genuine delight in discovering new places, people and experiences. Amy will be a loving and wise parent who will help a child develop self knowledge, compassion and the confidence to be true to themselves.

Amy & Ashley's Profile: " Amy, by Ashley "