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Gerard (by Peter)

From the moment I met Gerard, I knew he was “the one.”  We just clicked – and laughed! Gerard is one of the funniest people I have ever met. He is the kind of person to whom everyone gravitates because of his energy, wit, and warmth. Upon meeting Gerard, I knew that in our life together there would never be a dull moment.

As a parent, Gerard is the father that every child wants — nurturing, there to protect, and silly. He has always seen himself in the role of “Dad” and brings so much passion to parenting. Gerard is also incredibly kind, sensitive, smart, and strong - something that children see immediately. There can be fifteen adults in a room and all of the kids are focused on Gerard because of his playful spirit! 

Gerard has a commitment to helping others. He is not afraid to stand up for what he believes and always does what he knows is fair and right. He cares deeply about family and friends. He is the favorite “Uncle Ger” to his 9 nieces and nephews, all of whom he diapered when they were babies!

Gerard, Peter & Louisa's Profile: " Gerard (by Peter) "