Celebrating the holidays with Gerard’s familyLouisa and Peter’s parentsBirthday cake for Peter’s brother David!

Life with Family & Friends

We are very close to our families, both of whom are nearby. Gerard is from a big family so there is rarely a day where we are not in contact with parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews. With so many relatives between us, the holidays are lively and fun. Both of our families have fallen in love with Louisa and are very much looking forward to seeing our family expand.

We have a wide circle of close friends — many of whom we have had individually since childhood. The weekends are the best time to visit and catch up with these friends and their families, hosting them for a weekend at the house. We make meals, explore the trails and beaches, and take turns pushing the kids on our tree swing or playing hide and seek in our large yard.

Gerard, Peter & Louisa's Profile: " Life with Family & Friends "