About Lawrence...

An only child raised by a working mother, Lawrence's childhood taught him not only the importance of self-reliance but also the greater value of having a caring community surround him.

After his mother's remarriage, he had the opportunity to move frequently and was awed by a world that was so different than the one he had known before. These early experiences left him with a love of adventure, a unique creativity, and the desire to give the same opportunities he was given to those he loves.

He has traveled widely, studied in Paris, and now works in an international bank with friends and teammates that span the globe.

One of the greatest lessons that Lawrence hopes to teach is to encourage our child to find whatever it is they love in life and to hold onto that dream with both hands.

Lawrence by Lisa...
Intelligent, generous, sincere, creative, and compassionate, Lawrence has always been wholeheartedly supportive of me pursuing my dream of becoming a dog trainer and behavioral professional in addition to all my volunteer efforts. He always reminds me to allow for fun, to take the time to enjoy our blessings, and always brings me laughter - whether a side-splitting, laugh-out-loud or just a quiet smirk. I can't say enough of how proud I am of how he has built his career, the effort he puts into achieving his goals, and the life that has provided the both of us.

As a deeply creative person, he can't wait for the opportunity to write his own bedtime stories to tell to our child. He has already created the cast of characters - stuffed animals Harvey the Bear, Dot the Hippo, and a monkey friend named Kookalaka who will accompany our child and Boo on adventures to exotic places like the pyramids and the Moon.

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