Tales about Tails

We can't tell you our story without also telling that of our animals, all of whom we rescued. As much family as they are pets, they provide us endless love, support, laughter, and inspiration.

Dante is our oldest, whose friendliness is only matched by his love of sticks.

Boo's kind and gentle nature wins over anyone who meets him and his love of kids has made him famous both locally and nationally.

Porthos is our youngest (bounciest, too!) and is all smiles when meeting new people. Lab to the bone, he is happiest when he is carrying something around in his mouth.

Freya is a stray we found in the woods who enjoys chasing Boo and cuddling with Porthos.

They just can't wait to give the new addition to our family incredible snuggles and kisses.

Lisa & Lawrence's Profile: " Tales about Tails "