Hopes and Dreams

Lawrence and I have many hopes and dreams we would like to share with the child we raise.

We look forward to showing the world to a new set of eyes and helping them see the wonder that surrounds them. We look forward to encouraging and supporting our child's interests and talents, allowing them to explore their gifts and the things that bring them happiness, all the while teaching them as much as we can before they journey out into the world on their own. Our animals and Lisa's connections to local farms and other animal organizations will allow our child to experience firsthand the joy and empathy that is the human-animal bond.

Lawrence and Lisa both had the opportunity to study abroad in college and we would love to give our child that opportunity as well. While Lisa studied Fine Arts and Lawrence studied French and English Literature we are both now employed in very scientific fields. From our own experience, we know all too well that everyone's journey through life is not always a straight line to a single destination and we are very happy and eager to share the journey the child we raise will take - wherever it will take them.

Lisa & Lawrence's Profile: " Hopes and Dreams "