Meet Our Potential Adoptive Families

All families listed below are eager, ready and legally approved to adopt! Click on the “Read More” button located below each family picture to access the family’s photo albums and a detailed text written by each family, for pregnant women/couples considering adoption for their child: Learn More

This page is maintained regularly and is current as of April 11, 2014

  • Becky, Dave, Stuart, Ellie, Evan

    Becky, Dave, Stuart, Ellie, Evan

    We believe children inspire us to be better people. We were fortunate to grow up in homes that were filled...

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  • Amy and Ashley

    Amy and Ashley

    A child will always feel loved and safe with us, and will be raised to develop self knowledge, compassion and...

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  • Tom, Jen and Ross

    Tom, Jen and Ross

    Tom and Jen have been together since college, and are still best of friends. In 2005, little Ross ...

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  • Tara, Rick and Brandon

    Tara, Rick and Brandon

    We are simply best friends and we love spending time with our family and friends ...

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  • Luca and André

    Luca and André

    Ciao! We are Luca and André from New York City. We are eager to adopt a child, who will be...

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  • Alexa and James

    Alexa and James

    As parents, we vow to give your child the best life that we possibly can. We will also cultivate the...

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  • Cindy, Justyn and Emily

    Cindy, Justyn and Emily

    We adopted Emily through Friends in Adoption in 2011. She has an amazing laugh and a smile that brightens ...

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  • Dana and Brian

    Dana and Brian

    We have taken our time to reach a place in our lives where we know that we can offer a...

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  • Mike, Penelope and Gracee

    Mike, Penelope and Gracee

    We also both knew from the beginning that we wanted to adopt children. In 2009, we were overjoyed when ...

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  • Robert, Nathan and Virginia

    Robert, Nathan and Virginia

    Virginia came home to us through an open adoption in 2010. She transformed our lives more than ...

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  • Erica


    Since I was very young, I’ve had two dreams for my life — to become a teacher and a mother...

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  • Brian and Don

    Brian and Don

    We are a caring and committed couple who celebrate family, friends and home each day. We know that ...

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  • Eric, Lisa and Meredith

    Eric, Lisa and Meredith

    We are close enough to larger cities so we will often take day trips to the zoo, amusement parks, museums...

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  • Laurie, Rob and Angelina

    Laurie, Rob and Angelina

    We are a warm, nurturing, and fun-loving couple, and we have been building a life together since 2003...

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  • Ed and Mary Ann

    Ed and Mary Ann

    We would be so excited to become parents through adoption, to watch and help our child grow, learn ...

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  • Kelsey and Andy

    Kelsey and Andy

    The values that are most important to us are honesty, compassion, family ties, and a strong sense of ...

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  • Colin and Lisa

    Colin and Lisa

    Above all else, family is our most important priority. We look forward to providing a special child with ...

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  • Susie and Chris

    Susie and Chris

    Our promise • To be understanding and compassionate parents • To support a child’s dreams ...

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  • Jen, Greg and Will

    Jen, Greg and Will

    We became proud parents and welcomed Will into our family through adoption in the spring of ...

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  • Eric and Cynthia

    Eric and Cynthia

    Adoption is our first choice in growing our family. We are looking forward to welcoming a child into our lives...

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  • Nicki and Wendi

    Nicki and Wendi

    Our Promise: To love and guide a child and to provide a home filled with love, warmth and security....

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  • Robert and Shawn

    Robert and Shawn

    We hope to be able to help a child fulfill their dreams in life while growing up in a good...

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  • Ilyse, Cameron and Bashert

    Ilyse, Cameron and Bashert

    We are a warm, cozy, loving, vibrant family of three who is eager to have another child....

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  • Shira


    Close relationships with people of all ages, cultures, and religions are my lifeblood. I’m ...

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  • Meredith


    Hi, I’m Meredith and I am very glad that you have taken the time to get to know a bit...

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  • Alysia and Russell

    Alysia and Russell

    If viewing our adoption profile provides you with another choice for you and your child, we would be...

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  • Tracy & Aaron

    Tracy & Aaron

    We are Tracy and Aaron. We can’t imagine how you feel as you consider an adoption plan for you and...

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  • Adam and Candace

    Adam and Candace

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Our hope is that just one, or maybe many of our...

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  • Santiago and Tom

    Santiago and Tom

    We invite you to read our adoption profile. The following pages will give you an idea of...

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  • Deana, Ryan and Ian

    Deana, Ryan and Ian

    We are Deana, Ryan and Ian. We have a home full of warmth, laughter, and unconditional love...

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  • Eric and Kristen

    Eric and Kristen

    Eric and Kristen are a fun-loving and adventuresome couple who love traveling, the outdoors and...

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  • Deborah


    Know that I have wanted to adopt since I first understood just how deeply I wanted to parent...

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  • Philip, Mark and Austin

    Philip, Mark and Austin

    Philip, Mark and Austin are excited to grow their family through adoption. Family is the highest ...

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  • Michael and Anthony

    Michael and Anthony

    Michael and Anthony look forward to becoming dads and sharing a joyful life with a child...

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  • Stephen, Bonnie and Colton

    Stephen, Bonnie and Colton

    Bonnie, Stephen, and Colton look forward to welcoming a new family member! This loving and playful ...

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  • Bridget and Peter

    Bridget and Peter

    Bridget and Peter look forward to becoming parents through open adoption and providing a ...

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  • Rob and Jordan

    Rob and Jordan

    Rob and Jordan look forward to becoming parents and to welcoming a child into their joyful home....

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  • Lori and Artie

    Lori and Artie

    Lori and Artie hope to adopt a child and share their lives together, filled with love, happiness, ...

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  • Kevin and O.P.

    Kevin and O.P.

    Kevin and O.P. are both doctors, living in Boston, in a home filled with smiles, love and laughter...

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  • Kathleen and Adrian

    Kathleen and Adrian

    Kathleen and Adrian are a caring and committed couple who celebrate life and family. They would...

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  • Deirdre and Tammie

    Deirdre and Tammie

    Deirdre & Tammie are committed to creating and nurturing a family that celebrates love, humor ...

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