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Understanding the Language of Adoption

Understanding the Language of Adoption Friends in Adoption (FIA) is committed to empowering individuals and families during all stages of the adoption process and throughout their lives. FIA promotes a compassionate approach to inclusive and open adoptions, and demystifying the language of adoption furthers our mission. The words we choose shape how we, and those around us, think about... Read More

Learn How to Adopt a Child at FIA’s GAW – Get Acquainted Workshop – December 12 and 13, 2019

Join Friends in Adoption (FIA) for the next Get Acquainted Workshop — beginning on Thursday evening, December 12th, 2019 and continuing Friday all day (8am-4pm), December 13th, 2019. Location to be announced. Register now and join us to learn about adoption!… <a class="kt-excerpt-readmore" href="https://www.friendsinadoption.org/calendar-of-events/learn-how-adopt-child-adoption-workshop/" aria-label="Learn How to Adopt a Child at FIA’s GAW – Get Acquainted Workshop –... Read More

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!

November is National Adoption Month! We hope you celebrate this unique month by spreading positive messages about adoption! This month and every month, Friends in Adoption is always committed to the compassionate treatment of everyone involved in the adoption process; the adoptive families and pregnant women/couples making an adoption plan, while keeping the central focus on the needs of... Read More

This Is Me… Part Three ~ By: Kayleigh Putnam

If you’re just tuning in to my Friends In Adoption (FIA) blog, my first blog talks about my adoption and how I felt growing up as an adopted child. My second blog is about how I met my biological sister (who I just recently found out existed!) when she was visiting our aunt in Rhode Island. It was an... Read More

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1-800-98-ADOPT – The staff at Friends in Adoption (FIA) cares. You can reach us as a resource and we are here to listen and provide information. Call 1-800-982-3678 or e-mail us.

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Pregnancy Options

If you are pregnant and considering adoption as one of your options, Friends in Adoption can help you learn about adoption if that feels right for you and your child.

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Post-Adoption Services

Adoption does not end with the birth and placement of an infant or child. It is a lifelong process based on trust, honesty and mutual responsibility — placing the needs of each child as central. FIA’s Compassionate Care Center provides ongoing post-adoption support for birth and adoptive families.

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All Children – All Families

Friends in Adoption is a recognized Leader in supporting and serving LGBT Families. Presented by HRC’s All Children – All Families.

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Adoption is not giving up on a child.
It’s a selfless act of love for the child.

One of the questions that we often hear from women facing an unplanned pregnancy is “how do I give my baby up for adoption?” When an expectant mother is considering adoption for her baby, it is much more than just how to “give baby up for adoption“. It means making an adoption plan for her child, and it means a lot of courage and incredible sacrifice on her part. By reading and selecting approved adoptive family profiles, expectant parents are able to review potential adoptive parents who are ready, willing and able to adopt a child. By selecting a family, the pregnant woman/couple is in control of who will adopt the baby. She is not “giving up her baby”, she is choosing a life she dreams for her baby.

If you plan to leave your child at a Safe Haven location, please consider first calling Friends in Adoption to hear about all of your options, so you can make an informed decision. Adoption is about finding forever families for children!

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Are you pregnant and considering making an adoption plan?

Call 1-800-982-3678 anytime (toll free, 24/7)
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