A Note on What it means to be Inclusive and the Importance of Diversity:

As an agency, Friends in Adoption has always welcomed and honored all families and individuals. That’s nearly 40 years of providing fully inclusive services! We know loving and stable families come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and come from all sorts of different backgrounds. We celebrate that there is no “cookie cutter” family! What Friends in Adoption (FIA) looks for in the couples and singles who want to adopt is serious commitment and resiliency. We are so proud of the diverse families that make up our FIA family!

Why is this so important?
One of the reasons why Dawn Smith-Pliner founded Friends in Adoption was because she saw there was a need to help families who didn’t “fit” the societal standard, at the time, to adopt. Initially turned down by multiple agencies for also not fitting this “ideal”, Dawn realized that there was a disservice being done for perfectly capable and loving families who wished to adopt.
Friends in Adoption is fiercely dedicated to providing compassionate adoption services to all individuals; our agency will always proudly stand by and support communities who have historically had a harder time adopting—the LGBTQ community, unmarried couples, and single parents.
FIA knows that good parenting has nothing to do with sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, marital status, gender identity, disability or income. The remarkable individuals, couples, birth parents, children and families who make up our FIA family are very diverse, and this is something we cherish.
Diversity is wonderful, and it is so important! Scholar David Harmon wrote, “The perception of diversity is the basic condition for the functioning of human consciousness….so that if consciousness is what defines us as humans, then diversity makes us human.” The families we have the privilege of getting to know and working with are all widely different. They come from different places and backgrounds; they might not share the same religion, sexual orientation or ethnicities. We wouldn’t have it any other way! Our beautiful FIA family reflects the nature of our ever-changing, ever-shifting world.
Friends in Adoption is a recognized Leader in supporting and serving LGBT Families. Presented by HRC's All Children - All Families
Friends in Adoption is a recognized Leader in supporting and serving LGBT Families. Presented by HRC’s All Children – All Families
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