Embracing FIA

Embracing Friends In Adoption

Dawn Smith Pliner started FIA 30 years ago when traditional agencies responded to her and Joel’s desire to adopt a child with a clipped, formidable, and decisive “no”. The response came before anyone had the chance to get to know them. Power can be like that. It can feed on itself.

But power is also found in the most amazing of places. While some future mama bears have an embryo in their tummy, others have an ember of determination and that is what burned brightly for Dawn and for many of us who adopt. Dawn and Joel adopted on their own, via word of mouth, the awesome Aura and Isaac. But she wasn’t finished.

When Dawn realized how many other childless couples were in the same position, she marched herself down to Factory Point Bank in Manchester Vermont, where years earlier, a bank employee had given Dawn a loan for a VW van on the same day that Dawn asked for it.

This time Dawn asked if the the bank would loan her $10,000 to start an adoption agency. Power is sometimes a humble recognition of greatness in others, and so Dawn walked out of the bank that day with a $10,000 check, using the old VW bus (which was all she owned at the time) as collateral. It was time to start helping others adopt on a full time basis.

Thirty years later, FIA is still showing the same dedication and resilience that marked its beginning. FIA staff will not judge you or decide for you. They will provide information so that you can judge and decide for yourself. In humble recognition of the power of love, FIA continues to serve all members of the adoption triad, with characteristic humility, love and determination. Give. Give what you can in whatever capacity. We all have the power in us.

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, rather, in humility value others above yourselves”
(Philippians 2:3 niv)

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