FIA Picnic 2012 group shot in Vermont

Memories from Friends in Adoption Annual Picnic 2012

FIA Picnic 2012 group shot in Vermont
Friends in Adoption is a not-for-profit, non traditional adoption agency, celebrating 30 years of compassionate adoption.

Miracles happened at the 30th Friends in Adoption Picnic yesterday. I felt honored to be able to watch.

I went up to say hi to one of our kids (young adult) and hugging her, inquired as to where her parents were sitting. She laughed and said- oh, they are at a show so I drove here with one of my friends.

I was speaking to an adoptive Mom and Dad. I asked where their son was. “Oh- he’s at camp but we wouldn’…t ever miss a picnic.”

I listened as two 15 year olds who met for the first time yesterday- talked about their closed adoptions. They decided that they wanted to go to camp together after the picnic. They discovered that they had a lot in common including both of them having 2 older brothers who are with their birth families.

A birthmother who placed her daughter with an adoptive family the day before decided that she wanted to be at the picnic. Our staff wrapped their arms around her as she met other birthparents and was comforted in the FIA family cacoon. She plans to attend every picnic and is hopeful that her daughter and adoptive family will be with her next year.

I had a little girl tell me all of the names of the babies that she and her family had cared for over the last few years. She made sure that I knew how many she had seen at the picnic as her mother stood proudly next to her. Her brother made sure that I did not forget the hula hooping contest that I promised we would have. He won!

I could go on and on…but instead I will say a million thank you’s to all that make the FIA family the most wonderful family in the world!


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