FIA offers lifelong connections

Friends in Adoption offers Lifelong Connections!

Lifelong Connections

November is National Adoption Month, and before it comes to a close, it’s important to us to remind our alumni and prospective adoptive parents of the full range of services provided by Friends in Adoption. In particular, we want to emphasize our commitment to providing our alumni families with lifelong support, because we believe the availability of post-adoption services promotes positive outcomes and experiences for all those touched by adoption.

FIA encourages open adoptions and recognizes that adoption doesn’t end with the placement of a child. It’s a lifelong endeavor, aided by nurturing honesty, trust, and mutual respect between birth families and adoptive families.

We are here to be an ongoing resource to all members of the adoption triad, at any point in your unique adoption journey. Not only do we help adoptive families and birth families navigate the initial stages of the adoption process, we facilitate interactions between them and children who were adopted in the years following placement, as needed.

We also understand how valuable it can be to build relationships with other members of the adoption community. The FIA team regularly organizes events to bring our alumni together to enable open communication, information-sharing, and meaningful connections between individuals and families with the shared experience of adoption.

Our annual alumni picnic, open to birth families, adoptive families, and their children, is held on the third Saturday of July each year. While the picnic is a highlight of every year for the FIA team, it’s only one example of how we extend long-term support to our alumni families.

Moving into 2020, we want to do even more to stay connected with our alumni families throughout the year. We’re gathering feedback about what kinds of activities they’d prefer to participate in, and what types of resources would be most useful for them.

Possible new avenues for engaging our families could include:

  • Arranging meet-ups between alumni families living in close proximity to each other.
  • Connecting with families who adopted around the same time.
  • Promoting volunteer opportunities, such as mentoring another family, performing local outreach, speaking at FIA events, or writing blog posts for the FIA website.


This month and every month, we’re thankful for all of our alumni families who’ve allowed us to share in their adoption experiences.

If you’re an FIA alumnus – a birth parent, adoptive parent, or a child who was placed for adoption through FIA – and have ideas about how we can enhance our efforts to best meet your needs, we want to hear from you! Contact us at 1-800-982-3678 or

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