Meeting heroes at the Friends in Adoption picnic

Friends in Adoption hosts a yearly picnic at a lake in Vermont, where adoptive families and birth parents have an opportunity to reunite and also meet other families like their own.

The annual picnic is a very powerful day and even more so this year.  Kids telling me about their years accomplishments, kids letting me know that they are coming to the FIA Provincetown picnic, too :-), kids coming up to me and inquiring about their birth families…

One tween in particular who was placed with her mom and dad as a 3 month old.  Her gentle spirited Dad was older with a spunky energetic wife when they adopted. A couple of years ago the Dad who was the full time care giver to his daughter became very ill. Still every year they made it to the picnic.  When I did not see the Dad this year I was worried.  A few moments later the daughter beams – there’s my Dad – come and say hi to him Dawn.  With love in their eyes like I have never seen in my whole life – the daughter tells me that she is her Dad’s nurse now that he can’t take care of himself.  Her frail Dad sitting in a lawn chair, starts crying while her Mom looks on with the same look of love.  No sadness, no resentment, no “whoa are we” – only the rightness of being a family taking care of one another.  Then the daughter says, Dawn will you help me find my birthparents, I love them too.

May we all experience the moment in our lives where we are so humbled – these people are my heroes.


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