Striving for Adoption

The Almighty “A”

My son just missed honors. He had a few A’s here, a B there and a low C way over in left field. He must work harder. He was one point away! If he could get the C to a B, or the B to an A or the A to an A+ he would get his name on the wall. I want that last point. I want that Almighty A.

Do you hear what I sound like?

If you are reading this, then you are probably familiar with another Almighty A, one of a different sort…and that is adoption. Once you make the decision to adopt, you want it right away. You want it at all costs. But then FIA teaches you a thing or two and gives you some food for thought.

Everything we want comes with a personal price and only you can decide when the sacrifice is too high.

Before adopting, we need to admit our biases, so that we can be matched with a situation that suits our comfort level. After all, we will pass our good, (or bad) feelings about a situation onto our child.

We need to accept our limitations so that we don’t become blind to things we should see. My husband and I once poured our heart and soul into what we thought was the perfect adoption situation for us until we faced the fact that one of us was very uncomfortable with it. Moving ahead half-heartedly was too high a price to pay for that Almighty A.

We also need to allow ourselves the time to learn and grow. Admit your biases, accept your limitations, but also allow growth. Once you go through the FIA process you will be more knowledgeable and less myopic. Allow the new perspective and let FIA guide you.

Teachers tell me that my son “loves learning for learning’s sake”. He is driven by curiosity not competition. What a gift. If you have that in life you have everything.

Admit. Accept. Allow yourselves to be open. Your destiny awaits.

A Loving Mom

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