Adoption Awareness and The Right to Choose

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

Friends in Adoption provides support services to pregnant individuals/expectant couples.

November is National Adoption Month and, as we do every month, we honor all of those that are part of the adoption triad: the biological family, the adoptive family and the child. It is a time to reflect on adoption and the myriad of reasons adoption is considered by women as a parenting decision to envision a life for their child and to find permanency. When a woman is facing an unplanned pregnancy or not able to parent, it could be that she is struggling with addiction, mental illness, an abusive partner, rape or many other reasons she/they feel it might not be the right time for her/them to parent. Adoption is one of her options.

The right to choose, is about the right to choose without pressure, having access to community resources and supports, and nonjudgmental professionals who will empower. Maureen Sullivan, regional site manager of Planned Parenthood of Northern New England, said, “Women come to Planned Parenthood with unintended pregnancies, and when presented with options, one of those being adoption, they say they ‘could never do that.’ Planned Parenthood views this as an opportunity for education and presents all options with equal baring.”

Through open adoption, she may choose before termination of parental rights to pick the adoptive family, have a relationship protected by law for visits, and updates maintaining her relationship with her child.

Friends in Adoption is a community partner with Planned Parenthood, a member of the Vermont State Adoption Consortium, a co-founder of the National Pro-Choice Adoption Collaborative, a recipient of the Human Rights Council seal and is a proponent of open adoption promoting the right of choice.”

– Sandra Schlosser