How Friends in Adoption Approves Adoptive Families: Our Adoptive Family Vetting Process

adoptive parents smile with their adopted newborn child

One of the most daunting and, at the same time, most exciting steps birth mothers/parents face in the adoption process is choosing an adoptive family for their baby. It’s daunting because it can be mind-boggling and overwhelming to read through dozens of online profiles, searching for the best match to your preferences. It’s exciting because you’re working to ensure the best possible future for your baby.

Since this is such an important decision, many pregnant individuals wonder if they can rely on the online profiles they’re seeing. When you’re working with Friends in Adoption, you can rest assured the profiles you’re reading are of families who are fully vetted and approved to adopt in the U.S. That’s because of our thorough and lawful adoptive family vetting process.

Our adoptive family vetting process

Friends in Adoption is dedicated to the welfare of everyone in the adoption triad: birth mother/parents, adoptive family, and adopted infant. Our thorough adoptive family vetting process demonstrates our commitment.  Here are the steps we take:

Get Acquainted Workshops

We want our adoptive families to be educated about the entire adoption process so we require all to attend one of our Get Acquainted Workshops. This is an in-depth workshop that presents adoption options, goes over the adoption process, and provides a chance to meet our staff and ask questions.

Intake interview

When a family/individual decides to proceed with adoption and work with Friends in Adoption, we assign a case manager to work with them. The case manager schedules an intake interview with the prospective adoptive parents and goes through a range of ”getting to know you” questions.

Our case manager is someone who will work with the adoptive parents from when they sign on until they are matched with a birth mother. The case manager provides support and education as well as giving the family updates on the process.

Home study

A social worker visits the home of the prospective adoptive parents with the objective of making sure the child will be entering a safe, healthy home. If there’s something of concern, the family gets time to make the required changes.

Online profile

Prospective adoptive families that successfully complete the intake interview and home study steps then create their unique online profiles for our website. A profile is your introduction to each family. We encourage authenticity over perfection in the profiles so you can get a true impression of the families you review.

You’re in control

Remember, with Friends in Adoption you control the process.  Among other things, you decide

  • The type of adoption (open or closed) and the specific parameters of the adoption
  • Choice of adoptive parents (If you want to make this decision)
  • Whether and how to interact with the adoptive parents before the birth
  • Involvement of the adoptive parents in the birth

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, you may feel overwhelmed by the decisions you’re asked to make – like choosing an adoptive family. You’re not alone, though. We can help.

We’ll help you define the characteristics that are important to you in an adoptive family. Then you can look through our prospective adoptive families profiles with confidence, knowing they’re all thoroughly vetted and legally approved to adopt a child in the U.S.

Friends in Adoption fully vets adoptive families

We understand how important it is to place your baby in a loving, supportive home. That’s why Friends in Adoption has a thorough process for vetting adoptive families.

Our experienced, helpful, infant adoption professionals are ready to provide free, confidential adoption services and ongoing support. No matter where you are in the U.S., Friends in Adoption is there to support you.  We pride ourselves on building relationships based on honesty, respect, and mutual responsibility. Contact us, and let us support you.