Fave Things To Do Today (A Friends in Adoption Q&A Series)

“What’s your children’s favorite things to do today?”

Hear the responses from some of our Friends in Adoption families who adopted a child with us!

So what is your favorite thing to do with them today?

Kath: Oh, he loves our dog. Like, that’s just all he wants to do, is see where Ochi is.

Patty: I love going to his swim meets because it’s one-on-one time with us together in the car, and he really opens up a little bit more.

Tifanie: I like to watch her learn all of the things

Ron: Feeding him. It’s like a guppy. Like he opens his mouth and when he doesn’t like something he’ll make a face.

Colby: She goes ahhh, ahhh? Not gonna do it now? Anyway, she’ll be very vocal. Sometimes in the supermarket she’ll be doing it, and I’m doing it right back and everyone looks and we don’t care, so.

Patty: Our daughter loves to sing and dance so I just love playing music when we’re getting dinner ready or something like that and just watching her dance all over the kitchen.

Ron: I throw balls to him.

Kath: Yes, we’ve started to toss balls back and forth and that’s really fun.

Colby: A little bit ticklish here.