“I’m Pregnant. How do I Give My Baby Up for Adoption? I Need Help from a Trusted Adoption Agency. Please Help Me!”

Q: “I am considering giving up my child for adoption. Can I get free help from your adoption agency?”

A: “Yes, we can help you with free resources, information, counseling, and living expenses paid while you are pregnant (as allowed by the law). We are Friends in Adoption (FIA), a trusted and licensed adoption agency.”

FIA provides adoption services in New York, Vermont, and anywhere else in the United States since 1982. We are a non-profit organization. Our goal is to inform you about all your options in adoption so you can make an informed decision. All services offered to birth parents are free; you do not have to pay for anything, and you are not obligated to make any decision you are not comfortable in making.

Three Easy Ways For Birth Parents to Get in Touch With A Kind & Attentive Adoption Agency Right Now:

1. Feel Free to Email Us

All emails are confidential.

2. Call 1-800-982-3678 anytime

Our Adoption Hotline is a Toll Free Number. Feel Free to Call Us 24/7, 365 Days of the Year

3. You may also text with us
at 1-518-350-4581

(Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm EST)

Friends in Adoption works with pregnant women/couples and places children of all races.

We welcome all families.

Q: “I am facing an unplanned pregnancy but I’m not sure yet if adoption is right for me. For now all I need is to learn more about the adoption process. Is this okay?”

A: “Yes, we will never pressure you into making a decision. We will guide you about your options and the adoption process, but the final decision is yours to make. Not ready to call or text with us yet? Perhaps you may feel more comfortable by ordering a free brochure via email.”

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Q: “I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant, Now What?”

Q: “I am scared and confused. Can Friends in Adoption help me?”

A:Pregnant and Considering Adoption? Friends in Adoption Agency Can Help. Feeling scared and confused and do not know what to do, or who to talk to? You are not alone. We are here to support you during your pregnancy and also after the baby is born, regardless of your decision. We will never pressure you into making an adoption plan, and we will offer support as you make YOUR decisions along every step of process.”

Q: “I want to give my baby for adoption. But how can I trust your organization?”

Friends in Adoption (FIA) is committed to providing ethical adoption services. The goal of our staff is not to pressure a woman or couple into making an adoption plan. Rather, we seek to help you sort through feelings and options and support you while you make an informed decision (which may not be adoption). If you choose adoption, you, along with the prospective adoptive family, will be able to shape the plan to make it unique and personal — keeping the needs of the child as central.

Receive a Free Brochure with Information About Adoption

Order Free Adoption Brochure

Order our Free Adoption Brochure with Relevant Information About the Adoption Process.

We will email you an informational guide exclusively prepared for pregnant women or pregnant couples.

Q: “How Can Friends in Adoption Help Me Emotionally?”

Q: We understand that considering an adoption plan for your unborn baby or already born child raises many questions and your choices may feel overwhelming. Our staff is here to be supportive, provide referrals to resources, answer your questions and guide you through your options. If you choose adoption, you have many choices.

Q: “Do You Provide Financial Help for Adoption?”

FIA recognizes that privacy and confidentiality are often critical. Our kind and experienced staff are available to support you 24 hours a day, and you can feel comfortable speaking honestly without fear of being judged. FIA offers free, face-to-face, local counseling services for you and your family, both prior to and after the placement of your child. FIA can refer you to free legal services and can offer help with medical and living expenses, as the law allows.

Are you pregnant and considering making an adoption plan? Call 1-800-982-3678 anytime or text us at 1-518-350-4581 (Monday–Friday 8am–4pm EST)


Pregnant women/expectant parents and birth parents are empowered through the process. This means we provide information on all available options and support without pressure.

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Unplanned Pregnancy?

You have options.

Friends in Adoption Can Help!

Friends in Adoption works with pregnant women/couples and places children of all races. We welcome all families.

“I am pregnant and considering adoption.”

We offer free guidance through your options. The final decision is yours to make. Our staff is supportive and kind. They will provide referrals to resources and answer your questions without any pressure or judgement. If you are facing an urgent situation, we are always here for you.

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“I’m Pregnant and Thinking of Placing my Child for Adoption”

Adoption is not giving up on a child.
It’s a selfless act of love for the child.

One of the questions that we often hear from women facing an unplanned pregnancy is “how do I give my baby up for adoption?” When an expectant mother is considering adoption for her baby, it is much more than just how to “give baby up for adoption“. It means making an adoption plan for her child, and it means a lot of courage and incredible sacrifice on her part. By reading and selecting approved adoptive family profiles, expectant parents are able to review potential adoptive parents who are ready, willing and able to adopt a child. By selecting a family, the pregnant woman/couple is in control of who will adopt the baby. She is not “giving up her baby”, she is choosing a life she dreams for her baby.

If you plan to leave your child at a Safe Haven location, please consider first calling Friends in Adoption to hear about all of your options, so you can make an informed decision. Adoption is about finding forever families for children!

Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a compassionate adoption agency.

We are a not-for-profit, licensed adoption agency providing adoption services in the U.S.A. since 1982.

Friends in Adoption (FIA), a compassionate Adoption Agency

Call 1-800-982-3678 anytime

Toll Free, 24/7, 365 days/year

You may also text with us

at 1-518-350-4581

(Monday–Friday, 8am–4pm EST)