Can I still Adopt if I have an Illness?

Friends in Adoption (FIA) founding director Dawn Smith Pliner recently wrote this post for the American Fertility Association (AFA) Blog on the topic of whether or not illness will stop prospective adoptive parents from adopting, in light of recent events on the popular television program, The Little Couple. Check it out!

As an adoptive mother, founder of an adoption agency and cancer survivor I am often asked:

  • I’m HIV+. Will my partner and I be able to adopt?
  • I had breast cancer 2 years ago and am now cancer free. Can I adopt?
  • I am bi-polar and under the care of a psychiatrist. Will my husband and I be able to adopt?
  • I am a quadriplegic. No one would want to place a baby with my wife and me, would they?
  • I have Multiple Sclerosis – will this prevent me from adopting?

The answer to all of the above is yes, you will be able to adopt.

Full article source:

AFA Blog – Will my Illness stop me from Adopting?
http:// www. theafa. org /blog/ will-my-illness-stop-me-from-adopting/ (Sorry, this link is now broken as of 11/6/2014)

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