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Batter Up!

Does Age Matter When Adopting? How old are you? Adoptive moms and dads can often be on the older end of the spectrum. By the time we realize that adoption is our best option (and a most wonderful option it is), we are older, wiser and creakier. We may share carpooling with women who are almost young enough to be … Read More

Help Save the Adoption Tax Credit!

Advocate to Save the Adoption Tax Credit! The adoption tax credit is due to “sunset” at the end of this year unless Congress and the Administration act. In February the President proposed making the adoption tax credit permanent in the budget he submitted to Congress for fiscal year 2013, but its fate is uncertain. To read up on the adoption tax credit and to take … Read More

Adoption Tax Credit

Help Extend the Adoption Tax Credit Everyone get your kit to help extend the adoption tax credit. Grassroots Advocacy Kit on the Adoption Tax Credit Now Available from NCFA. adoptioncouncil.org The National Council For Adoption (NCFA), a longtime supporter of the adoption tax credit, joins fellow adoption and child welfare advocates in calling for the extension of the adoption tax … Read More


Snapshots – A Birth Grandmother’s Story written by Casey Mulligan Walsh kwalsh3@nycap.rr.com All around us there were picture-perfect people. I knew I had no idea what their lives were really like, but through this lens they all appeared so normal. My husband, my daughter, Kate, and I looked no different from the rest. Still, I struggled to maintain balance, presenting … Read More

How Openness Changed Adoption

Author of “Adoption Nation” Talks about how Openness has Changed Adoption Adam Pertman talks about how openness has transformed the adoption process and how adoption has changed us.  Below are some excerpt from the article: “Openness can pervade all types of adoption. It’s about honesty, information and contact with your own past and your knowledge of it. It’s about contact … Read More

Transracial Adoptee Challenges

Difficulties Growing up as a Transracial Adoptee “The adoption is noticeable, but it’s a good thing too because it shows that your parents love you so much that they didn’t just have you … they chose you.” – Donye’ Brown-Lamm Here is a very thought provoking article about the challenges and difficulties of being a transracial adoptee, even in a city which … Read More

AIDS and Pregnancy

A need-to-know for all pregnant women. This information could save a baby’s life.

If you have AIDS and find out you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, you should let your health care provider know as soon as possible. Some AIDS medicines may harm your baby. Your health care provider may want you to take different medicines or change the doses.… Read More

“Friending” Mother

When Wanda Audette’s adopted daughter was 15, she received a MySpace message out of the blue from her birth mother. The message included the woman’s phone number and home address, suggested they meet up, and advised the girl not to tell her parents. “She wanted to have a secret relationship,” says Audette…… Read More

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