Reflections and Gratitude for Birth Mother’s Day

Reflections and gratitude for birth mothers / first mothers

Saturday, May 7th, is Birth Mother’s Day. This special holiday was created by Seattle area birth mother Mary Jean Wolch-March back in 1990 to honor women who have placed children for adoption to be raised by adoptive parents. Celebrating birth mothers, also known as first mothers, helps to educate others. Especially on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, we wish to celebrate all birth moms, as well as remember those who may feel forgotten or to help first mothers cope with feelings of loss. We celebrate birth parents who have chosen to have closed adoptions, as well as the many birth parents who are in healthy open adoptions and who are able to see their child in the context of the larger, forever adoptive family setting through post-adoptive contact.

Parenthood, whether birth or adoptive, is a journey. Growing up with adoption as part of one’s identity is a journey. And, no two journeys are alike. In the spirit of compassionate adoption, honoring birth mothers is important to all in the adoption triad: to first parents, to adoptive parents, and especially to children. You may have seen the quote, “when you honor the birth family, you honor the child.” Friends in Adoption (FIA) agrees! Children need to celebrate their roots and love from birth and adoptive families. While we are at it, it stands to reason that the spirit of open adoption means that adoptive parents honor the birth family in their hearts and minds every day of the year, not just on birth mother’s day!

Please do your part in educating others on showing kindness, respect and honor to those who have made the difficult decision, theirs alone to make, to lovingly place their child with adoptive parents.

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FIA sends its love to all the amazing FIA alumni birth mothers with whom we have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with through the years, and we ask you to join us in celebrating birth mothers everywhere!

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