Secrets of Adoption

Friends in Adoption (FIA) continues to be a national voice in addressing adoption myths and helping educate on open adoption in our society. Check out this CBS New York online article for prospective adoptive parents… “Secrets of Adoption: What To Know Before You Adopt a Child Home.” FIA founding director Dawn Smith Pliner is quoted throughout.

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Here is an excerpt:

While it may be true that love conquers all, the complexities surrounding adoption are as varied as the families created in this way.

According to Friends in Adoption agency founder Dawn Smith Pliner, many of the challenges associated with adoption can be addressed by supplying children with tool boxes, put together by their family, so when the need arises they can choose how to respond. “Most days, families created through adoption are like any other family with the ups, downs, joys and challenges of daily life. But on occasion, being adopted makes you feel different. Your family tree most often does not reflect your biological family but rather, your adopted family. Your birth certificate lists your parents as the ones who adopted you. Your skin color may not be the same as your two moms. Some of the differences are not visibly noticeable, but others are.”

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