The Significance of OPTIONS

For those considering making an adoption plan, placing a child for adoption.

By Deirdre Graham, Community Outreach and Development Manager

Friends in Adoption (FIA) has been helping people make empowered, informed decisions regarding adoption since 1982. As professionals and members of the adoption community, we’ve learned a lot during this time. We know, for example, that people consider their pregnancy options and their parenting options for many, many reasons. We want to ensure that these individuals can access the tools they need to make truly informed decisions that are right for them.
That is why we are here to provide a safe, confidential, caring space for people to thoroughly contemplate all of their options, without any pressure or any judgment.

Whether someone is pregnant, has recently given birth, is already parenting, and considering adoption as an option—FIA is here 24/7 to help.
At Friends in Adoption we believe:

    • All pregnant individuals deserve safe, meaningful support—no matter what they

      ultimately decide.

    • Everyone deserves access to factual, unbiased information regarding ALL options:

      parenting, abortion and adoption.

    • Truly informed decisions are the best decisions.

We understand that these are significant, extremely personal choices, and that they may be really difficult to make. This is precisely why we operate the way we do: offering non-directive support, respect, and compassion. Furthermore, we will always fully support & honor the people we work with, no matter what they ultimately decide.

Our experienced and caring staff can help make safe, ethical and reliable referrals to support any decision made, whether that choice is parenting or abortion. Over the years FIA has built a strong network of professionals in the community and we are well-equipped to help make these connections to support all decisions. If adoption is chosen we will provide non-directive, compassionate, lifelong support and service—although there is never any pressure to fully commit to an adoption plan.
It is important to understand that our entire approach as an agency is built on a foundation of empowerment and informed choice. From this place, we can best assist the people we are privileged to work with: to listen without judgement or pressure, and to fully support the decisions that they make for themselves.

Deirdre -Community Outreach Manager
Deirdre -Community Outreach Manager
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