A History Lesson in Open and Closed Adoption

Have adoptions in America typically been open or closed?

You may be surprised at the answer.

The following article discusses the openness of early adoptions in America, and when changes were made.

Early Adoption in America

Adoption has not always been under the scope of public law and accordingly has been somewhat informal, but it has historically been quite open. If a child was being raised by a person other than their biological parent, folks usually knew. The child knew. The public knew. Sometimes a parent-child relationship was established, and other times the relationship remained something other than parent-child, but still nurturing and based on meeting the child’s needs. But the knowledge of the situation was common.

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Friends in Adoption can help you with Open or Closed Adoption

If you are pregnant and considering Adoption with Friends in Adoption, you choose your level of openness.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Open Adoption andClosed Adoption?

A: Open Adoption vs Closed Adoption means, among many other factors, that there are different levels of post-adoption contact. In Open Adoption, the birth family and the adoptive family keep in touch with each other, with the best interest of the child in focus. However, because each adoption process is unique, there are many variations in between. A Semi-Open Adoption may be just a direct exchange of e-mails, while Semi-Closed Adoption may mean that anonymous letters are exchanged with the help of Friends in Adoption. When you e-mail us, or call us at 1-800-98-ADOPT (1.800.982.3678), you are encouraged to ask Friends in Adoption any questions. During our conversations, we will explain to you all of your options before you make your decisions on which adoption plan is comfortable for you, as well as your choices regarding post-adoption contact with your child’s adoptive family. Our compassion, Your decision!

Q: I want to place my baby in a Closed Adoption. Can FIA help me?

A: Yes! Friends in Adoption (FIA) strongly respects the birth parents’ wishes regarding whether or not there will be post-adoption contact with the adoptive family. FIA takes a person’s right to privacy very seriously and takes measures to assure all adoptions are done in a respectful and compassionate manner. As we said before, our motto is “Our compassion, Your decision!” – and we live by it!

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