Adoption is Not the Same as Having a Child of Your Own

Originally Written by: Dawn Davenport, of Creating a Family

May 18, 2010

“Adoption Is Not The Same As Having A Child Of Your Own”: The statement that adoption is not the same as having a child of your own is both remarkably accurate and remarkably wrong.  The first part—“not the same as”—is quite true.  Adoption and giving birth are two very different ways of creating your family. Just as New York City and Paris are two different vacation destinations, or chocolate and vanilla are two different flavors of ice cream.

People who’ve never adopted have never felt the overwhelming intensity of first meeting their child.  It’s hard to explain the giddy anticipation mixed with unnamed anxiety.  This combination of emotions helps etch even the tiniest details into your memory forever– the colors, the smells, the words, the emotions.  For me, this moment is one of my “mountain top experiences.”

The above paragraphs are excerpts from Dawn Davenport’s blog. You can read the full blog posting here.

Update: The link to the original article have been removed because it is now broken. The original link was: http:// www. creatingafamily .org/blog/ adoption-child/ (minus the spaces)

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