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Each year, FIA is asked by health care professionals and other advocates if we can assist a woman or couple with an adoption plan if they do not speak English. The answer is and has been, YES!  Women’s issues are women’s issues, regardless of spoken language, and compassionate adoption is not limited only to those who speak English. Women and couples for whom English is not their first language may be considering adoption as an option for an unplanned pregnancy. Friends in Adoption is happy to work with anyone interested in learning more about adoption regardless of communication style or language.

Friends in Adoption knows that communication and comprehension of legal pregnancy options, including adoption, is of paramount importance. So, we work with qualified, trained interpreters and translators, free of charge to the woman or couple, as well as by using technology such as translation texting apps. The process then proceeds in the same fashion as it would for an English speaking expectant parent. We listen to a woman’s needs, offer education on adoption as an option and various choices within an adoption plan, refer expectant parents to counseling in the preferred language, provide access to legal advice, and extend respect, care and non-judgment so that women and couples can make the best, informed decisions for themselves.

FIA is able to provide free adoption services for pregnant women who speak ANY language, via interpretation and translation services, as long as the adoption process is in accordance with domestic, U.S. adoption laws. Health care professionals and other advocates who are assisting non-English speaking women/couples interested in learning more about adoption are encouraged to contact FIA at 1-800-982-3678 and let the staff member know that language interpretation is needed. We are happy to help.

Since many in the United States speak Spanish as their primary language, information is available in Spanish (and Portuguese) on our web site at:

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