Closed Adoption

“I think I would like a closed adoption. Can FIA help me?”

No matter what type of post-adoption relationship you think you’d like to have, Friends in Adoption (FIA) would be happy to help you. We strongly respect birth parents’ wishes regarding whether or not there will be post-adoption contact with the potential adoptive family. FIA takes a person’s right to privacy very seriously and takes measures to assure all adoptions are done in a respectful and compassionate manner.


If you’re considering “giving baby up for adoption” in New York, and unsure of what kind of post-adoption relationship you’d like to have, FIA would also be happy to help you understand all of your options. We always provide education on the benefits of open adoption, and possibly keeping the “door open to open adoption” for the sake of the child.


Sometimes, a birth parent will opt for a closed adoption, but later decide they wish to receive updates on their child. Therefore, it’s FIA mandates that all adoptive families, at a minimum, provide letters and photos for the birth parent, sent to the agency two times a year until the child is 18. Upon request, a birth parent can have those updates sent to them at a later time.


If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in New York, FIA would be happy to speak with you about your pregnancy options. We are here to support you, to listen to you and help you navigate this challenging time. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.


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