CLOSURE – A Documentary About an Adoptee’s Quest to Find her Birth Mother

A new adoption documentary has been produced by film maker Bryan Tucker. It documents 26 year old Angela Tucker’s journey as a transracial adoptee to find her birth mother.

It has been generating a lot of interest in the adoption world. Have a look at the promo over at their kickstarter page here:


Addison Cooper, who regularly reviews adoption themed movies, posts his own thoughts on the film here:

and has this to say:

It’s difficult to imagine a viewer left untouched, unentertained or unchallenged. Foster parents and adoptive parents should watch CLOSURE while thinking about the level of openness that their children are experiencing. The film will be especially challenging – and helpful – to those who are finding the thought of a closed adoption more comfortable. Adoptees watching the film with their families may have lots of questions and thoughts – and that’s a good thing. Foster and adoption agencies will want to use CLOSURE as part of their training curriculum. Those who advocate for adoptee rights will find this to be a powerful film with the potential to be empowering.


Addison Cooper also hosted an in-depth interview with filmmaker Bryan Tucker, and Angela Tucker, the 26 year old trans-racial adoptee who’s quest to find her birth mother is the focus of this documentary.

Read the entire interview here:

Here’s an excerpt:

Bryan: Our first trip to Chattanooga was really exciting because of all the clues we had about who her birthfather was. We were excited to meet this guy, regardless of what happened. It was adventurous. Once I was there in the moment, and we met him, and he confirmed, “Yeah, I know your birthmother, I kind of had a relationship with her,” it started to feel like, “Oh my God – is this guy her dad?” Then it started to really sink in to me – what this meant to Angela – how incredible it was that she’s wondered about this guy and who her birthmother is, over all these years – and I was there with them. That was a privilege I hadn’t really prepared myself for.  Even though in our dating relationship and our early years of marriage, I did help her search, brainstorm, and talk about “what if’s,” but being there was a whole different thing.

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