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Both Meredith and Wyatt were adopted through Friends in Adoption.
Both Meredith and Wyatt were adopted through Friends in Adoption.

A Season of Gratitude…

A Season of Giving…

As you plan for your year-end contributions, please consider donating to Friends in Adoption (FIA) to help us continue our lifelong work supporting the family of adoption, and for continuing to serve as a community resource for adoption advocacy and education. Your generous financial support, along with your voices, greatly help advance this important work and are appreciated! FIA is a not-for-profit agency. We rely in part on the generous gifts of our alumni, supporters, and friends. All contributions are tax-deductible. FIA is doing more now than ever before to create and care for families created through Compassionate Adoption. Thank you, in advance, for your generosity!


Thank You!

2013 Annual Appeal

Is Adoption Under Attack?

Hello FIA Supporters,

There are three legal choices expectant women/couples have when faced with an unplanned pregnancy—yet the only one touted as truly most socially acceptable is parenting. Women and couples who choose one of the other options are often ostracized, criticized or judged for their poor decision. One just needs to turn on their computer to see the flurry of anti-adoption activity that is rampant throughout the country. More productive than attacking any of these choices is supporting, respecting and validating the strength it takes to make an informed decision. Friends in Adoption is asking your help this year to be able to continue to maintain its current high level of service to pregnant women/expectant couples and to waiting and alumni families in providing lifelong services to all.

FIA works with phenomenal women and couples who are facing unplanned pregnancies and who consider adoption. The agency has seen more diversity this year than in any past year with those that are requesting our services. Recently a bright young college couple from a war torn country found themselves pregnant. Adoption does not exist in their culture; to have returned to their country would have meant death, and to have parented in the US without accessible family support or resources would have been nearly impossible. Might open adoption that embraces and maintains a relationship between the families and a respect for the culture be the kindest choice for the benefit of this baby?

Other women came to FIA having experienced the crime of rape and/or incest. Might adoption be the choice that grants these women peace of mind?

Another call came from a couple in their 40s, having already successfully parented children into adulthood, loving the baby they were carrying but feeling unprepared to “start over again” with no extended family living close to assist them. Might an open adoption allow all adults to feel connected to the baby life long?

FIA has seen an increase in calls around “re-homing”. Re-homing is a relatively new term used to explain the phenomena of a US family adopting internationally that later finds themselves unable to continue parenting for a variety of reasons—usually due to lack of resources or support. The family wants what is best for this child. Might re-homing (identifying another US family to adopt) provide a solution for all, but most importantly for the child?

Friends in Adoption is proud of the work we have done over the years. Let’s not attack but rather let’s work together to find solutions to better care for those requesting our services. FIA needs to broaden our current programs to help children find forever homes and to help people who long to become parents to find their forever children. We need to continue to meet the needs of our families in the ever changing and challenging, complex, hurried and unpredictable world in which we live.

As you plan for your year-end contributions we ask that you consider donating to FIA. It is your generous financial support and your voices that FIA counts on to continue this important work. Please help us to shout out how important the reproductive right of adoption is. It is a right worthy of validation, honor and respect. We owe this to our children.

Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity in your continued support of Friends in Adoption, and please pass along this appeal to those you feel would like to join in donating to FIA.

Thank you.

Dawn Smith-Pliner

Founder and Director, Friends in Adoption

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