Dangers of Using Facebook to Search for Birth Families

Call the FIA Post Adoption Team at 1-800-982-3678 for the best advice on how to contact birth family members
Call the FIA Post Adoption Team at 1-800-982-3678 for the best advice on how to contact birth family members

Impact of Social Media on Post Adoption

What do you do if your adopted child wants to make contact with his or her birth families? Social Media is making it easier to do this on your own, but it is not necessarily the best approach.

Dawn Smith-Pliner of Friends in Adoption (FIA) had this to say about the Post Adoption Services offered by FIA:

FIA’s Post Adoption Services:

More and more of our FIA kids are expressing interest in connecting with their birth families. When FIA’s Post Adoption team receives a request, we let the caller know that we would need to speak with a parent as a first step. In our experience the parent is most often supportive of their child’s desire to search. With the parent’s permission we review the file and check with state laws to assure all that we are in compliance with the information we are giving to the family. Often times the family uses this as an opportunity to return to FIA’s home in Middletown Springs to show their child where their adoption journey began.

Occasionally we get a panicked call – a few years ago one of our kids found his sibling on Facebook. The two teens decided they were going to meet half way from where they lived (many miles a part). Fortunately one of the teens told his Mom. The Mom called FIA and we were able to intervene and helped to create a healthy connection between the families.

If you are an FIA alumni family and If you or your child is interested in doing a search please feel free to contact FIA’s Post Adopt team at dawn@friendsinadoption.org or call 1-800-982-3678 (1-800-98-ADOPT).

-Dawn Smith-Pliner, Founder and Director, Friends in Adoption

Beware of Scammers using Online Adoption Information

A recent article written by Carrie Goldman, posted on chicagonow.com, recounts the story of a birthmother trying to find her birth daughter using the internet. She found that by posting too much information on-line about her birth daughter, she was being contacted by people looking to use that information against her.

Kellie explained , “The fact that he had the name Brittney can only mean this person is on adoption sites collecting the information that desperate birth moms have provided in their online searches for their children.  Of course, he wanted to tell me that my daughter had left me money.  I’m assuming if I answered him, he’d ask for a bank account number, saying he could wire transfer the money to me. I called our local sheriff’s department to see if there was any action they could take to stop him and, they referred me to the FBI.”

Read the Entire article by clicking HERE.

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