Olivia Pope, Friends in Adoption Community Outreach and Development Manager, working remotely from her home office at Warren County, NY

During a “shelter in place” order, Friends in Adoption is Here For You

“Love knows not distance.”
— Gilbert Parke

Social distancing over the past few weeks has in many ways united us.

But for pregnant individuals in crisis, this isolation can be terrifying. We here at Friends in Adoption want to assure anyone in this situation that they are never alone, even when the world around them has shut their doors.

Friends in Adoption is here. We are running just the same as always. Working remotely is one of our biggest strengths, and persevering through the coronavirus pandemic highlights our ability to offer resources and services at any time, and to any place in the United States.

We operate across the country. Our live 24-hour call line at 1-800-982-3678 (1-800-98-ADOPT) provides a confidential and readily available resource to pregnant individuals who may not be able to leave home or visit a health care professional. We are always here for you.

We are continuing our work, finding loving, forever homes for children; supporting our adoptive parents with resources; offering support to pregnant individuals; and partnering with local organizations, collaborating with social work and health care professionals, innovating educational opportunities and advocacy, and continuing to communicate with and be available to everyone who needs us.

So, while we normally can have a representative visit any location, even during a “shelter in place” order, FIA can help individuals in need of resources.

When we meet a professional for the first time to introduce them to Friends in Adoption and discuss how we can support them and they can make referrals to us, they have questions. Are we local? Are we close enough geographically? Will we be able to provide resources to individuals in certain counties even if we don’t have a physical location there?

The answer to all of these questions is always a resounding YES!

We are proud of our ability to operate remotely and while the rest of the country is just catching up, this connectivity and availability has always been one of our strong suits.

Olivia Pope, Community Outreach and Development Coordinator
Pictured above is Olivia Pope, Friends in Adoption Community Outreach and Development Manager. She is also seen in the larger image working remotely from her home office at Warren County, NY

“You are never alone, even when the world around you has shut its doors,” Olivia Pope, our community outreach and development manager, reassures you. “Adoption resources are a constant in these uncertain times. You can absolutely rely on us to be here for you any time you need us.”

Thanks to largely available technology which allows remote conferences, Friends in Adoption continues to work with professionals working with pregnant individuals, pregnant individuals themselves, and prospective adoptive parents. FIA offices are located in New York State (Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls, Westchester County, New York City) and in Vermont (Castleton).

If you are in need of urgent assistance regarding adoption, contact FIA’s hotline at 1-800-982-3678 (1-800-98-ADOPT), which is available 24/7.

You may also reach out to FIA via email by filling out one of our contact forms; please choose the form that best suits your needs.

Stay healthy and safe, dear friends.

—The Friends in Adoption Team

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