I've decided to give up baby in New York.

“I’ve Decided to Choose An Adoption Plan For My Baby. Now What?” Part 2: Additional Resources

In a previous blog post (read it here), we discussed what it would look like to to create an adoption plan for your baby. Once again, if you have already decided to move forward and “chose adoption for your baby,” then Friends in Adoption would be happy to connect with one of our experienced staff members to walk you through the adoption process. They are here 24/7, 365 days a year to speak and meet with you.

Call: 800-982-3658
Text: 518-350-4581

However, you might still feel that you aren’t totally ready to jump right into the adoption process and would like more information. If this is the case, here are some resources that you may find helpful.

● Ask us questions about adoption by sending us an email
● Request a free confidential packet for pregnant woman/couple
● Go over some of our expectant mother FAQS
● Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter
● Check out our Youtube page, which has tons of great videos for expectant mothers, birth
mothers, adoptive parents and adoptees.

Friends in Adoption is a licensed, New York adoption agency founded by an adoptive mother who saw that the many needs of birth parents and adoptive families were not being met in adoption situations. Our goal is to provide you the best support system possible and to empower you through the adoption process. We will provide you information on all of your pregnancy options and support your decision, no matter which direction you ultimately choose to take.

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