Peter, Chris and Darcy

National Adoption Month – featuring FIA family Peter, Chris and Darcy

Friends in Adoption family Peter, Chris, and their daughter Darcy were recently featured by, in an article celebrating National Adoption Awareness Month, “Here’s What Adoption Is Like For LGBT Couples”.

Their adoption story is particularly touching and worth reading. Here’s an excerpt:

“On June 30 of this year, just before her second birthday, Darcy had a liver transplant, which saved her life. I was fortunate enough to be able to donate a piece of my liver to her, which will grow into a full new liver in less than a year. Incredibly, Chris and I were both potential donor matches for Darcy, which leaves no question in my mind that Darcy was always meant to be our child. Even though Darcy has always been my daughter, we are now a part of each other. We are biologically connected in a way that I never could have imagined.”

Peter and Chris are currently getting ready to adopt a second time! Stay tuned, their adoption profile will be featured in our website very soon!

“Each day is a new chapter in our lives as parents. Each day we face a situation we have never faced that we have to figure out how to manage. Each day we are just like the millions of other parents in this country, gay and straight, and across the spectrum of sexuality, gender, ability, class, and race.” — Peter and Chris

To read the full article with Peter, Chris and Darcy’s story, go to:

Peter, Chris and Darcy
Peter, Chris and Darcy
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