A gallery of our waiting families - September 24, 2013

Meet Our Potential Adoptive Families

Read adoption profiles of potential adoptive parents

Meet Our Potential Adoptive Families

Are you pregnant and considering adoption?

Perhaps you feel ready to start reviewing profiles of potential candidates as adoptive parents for your child… If so, you can read online profiles of prospective adoptive families that have been carefully screened by Friends in Adoption and are legally approved to adopt a child.

From our main list of pre-adoptive families, you will be able to review detailed pages about each family. In these pages, the prospective adoptive families describe their home, their relationships, their families, their work and what is important to them. Each family provided plenty of recent pictures of themselves, which are presented in beautiful slide shows within their individual profile pages.

Through Friends in Adoption‘s open and compassionate services, you get to have the option to meet the waiting adoptive families of your choice, and you choose the level of openness you prefer.

You are welcome and encouraged to contact Friends in Adoption about any of our potential families.

Alternatively, you can contact Friends in Adoption anytime
at 1- 800-982-3678 (1-800-98-ADOPT)

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