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Adoption for prospective minorities and LGBTQ families

Friends in Adoption is a pioneer in providing adoption support to all families. FIA reaches out to minority and LGBTQ communities to better inform and cultivate interest in adoption, however many questions arise regarding visible adoptions.

“Many potential adoptive parents worry that the children will have developmental, cultural identity and assimilation issues; however, the truth is adoptive children often turn out to be among the best of our society.”

Friends in Adoption is a licensed, not-for profit domestic child placement agency that works with women/couples considering parenting, adoption and abortion as well as with qualified adoptive families nationwide. FIA takes much pride in their diverse pool of adoptive families. FIA is a leader in the adoption community and proudly works to ensure that they have a racially and ethnically diverse network of waiting families. FIA represents all families, LGBTQ, gender-non-conforming, and heterosexual individuals. FIA was recently interviewed about the Adoption experience.

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