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FAQ: Do I Need My Own Attorney to Create An Adoption Plan?

Adoption is an emotionally and legally complex process, especially for the birth parents. As a pregnant individual in the United States, you may feel intimidated by the process. In fact, we hear questions from many pregnant individuals about legal issues, concerned with how to pursue this path. Luckily, Friends in Adoption is here to help.

With 24/7 support, we can help you with all legal issues- including adoption plans. We’ll discuss the role of adoption attorneys, the legal aspects of adoption, and the importance of working with a legal representative while creating your adoption plan. At Friends in Adoption, we are committed to being your advocate in all areas, including legal services. Let’s jump in to discuss how we can help you! 

What Do Adoption Attorneys Do?

The role of adoption attorneys in your adoption journey is simple. Experienced adoption attorneys are able to walk you through the process, helping you understand each component of what is legally required.  They’ll explain adoption laws, consent, and your rights as a birth parent. They serve to represent your wishes, making sure that you are comfortable every step of the way. 

Legal Matters in US Adoption 

There are several legal components to be aware of when considering the adoption process. Working with an experienced adoption attorney means you can go through each step together. By undergoing this journey together, your adoption attorney will ensure your best interests and wishes are being met. Some of the legal processes to consider are: 

  • Birth father consent to adoption: whatever the situation or role of the birth father, we are able to help you. States have differing laws on the importance of birth father consent, but most require legal documentation to be filed. If the birth father is attempting to fight the adoption, your adoption attorney will work with you to address the situation.
  • Filling out birth certificate: the adoption attorney or adoption team can walk through how to complete this legal document. We can assist you with each step of the process. 
  • Consent to adoption forms: after determining you want to pursue adoption, you will have to complete forms consenting to the adoption. Essentially, you transfer parental rights to the adoptive parents so they are able to care for the baby. 
  • Post-Adoption contract: this is an extremely important legal document for moving forward after the adoption. It outlines your wishes for contact, including phone calls, letters, or visits, including the level of contact. Your adoption attorney will talk through what you are comfortable with, and act as your representative to the adoptive family.
  • Biological Parent Medical, Social and Family History Form:  In this document, you can list wishes for your child’s life, information about your family, medical information, and more. 

An adoption attorney will walk through each step with you, ensuring that you feel comfortable and understand the process. They also prevent any missteps, forgotten files, and provide support by offering their legal expertise.

Adoption Attorneys & Your Adoption Plan

Adoption plans are important documentation that covers each step of your adoption journey, from deciding on adoption to post-adoption contact. If you create this plan with your adoption attorney and adoption team, you can ensure your wishes are being met. They can serve as an advocate for you, speaking with the rest of your team. 

They are practically helpful when assessing any potential risks of your adoption plan, or tricky legal areas to navigate. These can include:

  • Birth father consent issues
  • Expenses, services you need assistance with throughout the pregnancy and after
  • Where to get some services (with your adoption agency, outside services, etc)
  • Post-adoption contract problems 
  • Adoptive parents are located in a different state (varying state laws, etc)
  • Ensure the adoption plan follows all state and federal legal requirements

Working with an adoption attorney to create your adoption plan can limit your legal worries, ensure you have a legal advocate, and remove any concerns you may have about complex legal procedures. 

Even though you don’t legally need an adoption attorney in all states, working with one is extremely helpful down the road. Friends in Adoption ensures that every biological parent is represented by their own adoption attorney at no cost to them. 

Are you a pregnant individual in the United States considering adoption? Contact Friends in Adoption today, and we’ll help you every step of the way. Call now!

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