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Transracial Adoption

Raising a Child of Another Race Here’s an interesting article that talks about the challenges of raising a child who is of a different race than the adoptive parents. “Acknowledging that transracial parenting is an inexact science, we’ve learned some important lessons along the way. Diversity is not enough. Diversity is good, just not enough, if it does not include … Read More

FIA's Post Adoption Workshop A Huge Success

It was great to see everyone at FIA’s Post Adoption Workshop. Given your positive feedback we are looking forward to continuing these and will post a schedule for 2012 on the FIA website within the next few weeks. Continued feedback is appreciated at meredith@friendsinadoption.org.

Sing Me Goodnight, by Lisa Redfern

A beautiful CD, Sing Me Goodnight by Lisa Redfern arrived at the agency yesterday. The staff LOVED it — 10 stars! Lisa dedicates the cd to “Parents and children, everywhere, especially those creating families through adoption.” This would make a great gift. Please check out: www.lisaredfern.com Lisa Redfern’s “Sing Me Goodnight” is a a deeply personal collection of tender lullabies … Read More

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