Colby, Tifanie, and baby Harper share their story of adoption!

Colby and I had always known we wanted to be parents and over the years that want truly turned into something that we desperately longed to fulfill. After several years of trying to conceive on our own we were at a loss on what to do. We were not sure that we would ever become the parents we so hoped to be. A couple came into our furniture store with a beautiful baby boy and somehow, they started telling us about their adoption, little did we know then that they had adopted their son through FIA. It was about a year or so later that it all clicked for us: ADOPTION! That was our path. We just knew it, as if a light bulb went off above our heads. We still were not exactly sure how we would make it work, but we FINALLY had a path and we set out to explore our options. Was it even possible for us? We didn’t know anything about the process or where to start.
We looked around at other adoption agencies, but none really fit the bill for us. A co-worker and good friend of ours told us about a couple he knew who adopted their son through Friends in Adoption, so we decided to see if they wouldn’t mind sharing their story with us. We chatted with them over dinner and they were an open book. We gained so much insight into their adoption experience and we truly felt comfortable about seeing what Friends in Adoption had to offer. We went home and signed up for the upcoming Get Acquainted Workshop (GAW) right away. I could not wait, and when the day finally came, we were pretty nervous. By the time we had completed the 2-day workshop we were ready to jump in headfirst. FIA made us feel so comfortable, validated, and confident. We would be parents!
After signing up with FIA a few weeks later, we got straight to work on putting together our profile, compiling family pictures and getting our home study and clearances completed. Again, we were nervous, but FIA was there every step of the way to give us advice and reassure us. We went ‘active’ on January 25th, 2018 and our beautiful daughter was born in February of 2019. Seeing her for the first time was amazing and unreal, as if our lives started that very moment. As if everything before that was just what we needed to do to get to her. It was always supposed to be her. The journey was a little longer than some, and at times the waiting was very difficult, but FIA was always right behind us, supporting us and holding us up when we needed it.
As I type this up, our daughter is 9 months old and sitting in my lap pulling my hair and grabbing everything in sight. She’s a beautiful, curious and inquisitive little girl with big brown eyes and a contagious laugh. She looks a lot like her stunning Birthmother, who we are fortunate enough to have an open relationship with. She’s a kindhearted and warm woman. Our contact with her is fulfilling and easy. Natural. It feels as if we were always meant to be connected, to be family.
We are compelled to share our story with you because Friends in Adoption changed our lives and made our dream of becoming a family into our reality. If our story helps one family make the leap and choose to start their adoption journey with Friends in Adoption, then that is a wonderful thing!

Colby, Tifanie & Harper

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