Top 10 Ways to Help Friends Through Adoption Process

10 Things to Help and Support Your Friends Through Their Adoption Journey

  1. Ask your friends if they have cards stating their desire to adopt that you can leave at restaurants, airports, train stations etc.
  2. Go to your friend’s profile on and press the “Like” button.
  3. Sponsor an adoption ad for your friends – newspaper, internet, or google. E-mail for help with this but please be sure to check with your friends beforehand to make sure they are comfortable with this.
  4. Attend a Stay Acquainted Meeting with your friends.
  5. Read Adoptive Family magazine to become better acquainted with today’s adoption practices (educate, educate, educate!)
  6. Offer services to be “on call” when the call comes – dog sit, house sit, babysit and respect the privacy of your friends who are adopting while they are in this stage of the process.
  7. Start a children’s library on books on adoptions – see Add books on adoption to your local and school libraries (educate, educate, educate!)
    **UPDATE 1/30/14 The Tapestry Bookstore is closed, but even though they no longer sells books, they are leaving their site up for someone else to take over if they wish- and as long as the site remains up, it is an excellent resource for ideas!**
  8. Keep positive energy focused on your friends. A smile begets a smile, a loaf of banana bread and a cup of tea can make a person’s day.
  9. Plant a “Hope” plant, shrub, or tree and when your friend’s baby arrives, have a celebration around it.
  10. Stop by for a visit at the Vermont Friends in Adoption office.
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