Transracial Adoptee Challenges

Difficulties Growing up as a Transracial Adoptee

“The adoption is noticeable, but it’s a good thing too because it shows that your parents love you so much that they didn’t just have you … they chose you.” – Donye’ Brown-Lamm

Here is a very thought provoking article about the challenges and difficulties of being a transracial adoptee, even in a city which is racially diverse.  I encourage you to read the whole article (link below). Originally published by Oakland Local.

When the school bell rings, most kids are excited for their parents to pick them up and take them home.

However, for Donye’ Brown-Lamm, the end of the day in grade school was the beginning of frustrating and sometimes hurtful conversations.

Her classmates couldn’t understand why she, a black girl, was calling the white woman picking her up “Mom.” When she explained she was adopted, she remembers some kids asking why her real mom didn’t want her.

“In junior high, I wanted a black family or wanted to be white because I was tired of explaining myself,” Brown-Lamm, now 19, said. “Little kids are mean, very mean, and if you’re different they’re even meaner.”

The original article was published by: The Oakland Local, as “Racially-diverse Oakland remains challenging for transracial adoptees“. The link to the article has since been removed from their website. The working URL used to be: http:// article/ racially-diverse-oakland-remains-challenging-transracial-adoptees (without the spaces).


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