We Are a Couple from Providence, RI Longing to Become Parents Through Adoption!

Hello from Northern Rhode Island! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about us, Alex and Adam. We’re excited to begin this process of exploring adoption and have been talking about becoming parents for years. We have been together for about nine years and have been married for three. Since we started dating in 2012, we have lived in Philadelphia, Boston, and Rhode Island. In each place we’ve lived, we have developed loving and caring friendships.

From the way we treat each other and the people in our lives to the laws that shape our world, we are trying to make this world better than we got it. Adam works as a chaplain and Alex is a community organizer. After work, we enjoy spending time with friends, doing puzzles, and cooking. Adam has a vegetable garden in the backyard and Alex loves to cook whatever Adam harvests!

When asked to describe Adam, Alex said that he is “a curious person, always learning and growing. Adam loves meditation and appreciates the natural world. He is close with his family in Chicago and his grandmother in Arizona. Adam has wanted to be a dad for many years. He’s been a loving and caring uncle since 2018, which has only made him more excited about being a dad.”

When asked to describe Alex, Adam said that he “loves learning, politics, and cooking. He has five nieces and nephews and is delighted at being their uncle. Alex was part of a children’s theater group that performed for kids all over, singing silly songs on stage. He is a playful, loving, goofball. Alex is excited to be loving and playful with a little one. ”

We live in the state of Rhode Island, with plenty of beaches within driving distance. There are many parks, playgrounds, cafés, and a library near our home. Our local community is racially, religiously, and economically diverse. We are very involved in our progressive, Jewish community. Jewish holidays and rituals play a big role in our lives together. We love the community we have built here and the friends we have nearby in Boston, Massachusetts.

We are grateful for such a large, loving family! We both have many cousins. We try to balance our time with both sides of the family, doing every other Thanksgiving in Chicago with Adam’s family alternating with time in Philadelphia with Alex’s family.

Alex grew up as the second of four brothers, and they are very close. This closeness was fostered in part by Alex’s parents who always emphasized the importance of family, and “the brothers” in particular, sticking together.

Adam grew up as the older brother to his sister in a family that emphasized spending quality time together and appreciating the beauty of art, music, and the natural world.

Everyone is supportive and excited by the possibility of the two of us adopting a baby and becoming parents together.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and the family that we are hoping to build. We hope our adoption profile website gives you some insight into who we are and what kind of parents we would be. As you consider adoption as an option for you and for your baby, we know you have big decisions to make right now that likely require a lot of courage. We are happy to answer any questions you might have for us. We honor whatever choices you make and are grateful you are considering us as one possibility. Feel free to be in touch if that would be helpful. We look forward to connecting!

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