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Hello from Central New York! First and foremost, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to visit my adoption profile and reading through my information! I admire your courage in considering an adoption plan and will be happy to answer any additional questions you may have. I can’t explain the excitement and joy I have to welcome a child into my life, my comfy home, my neighborhood and community.

I reside in a small community near Lake Ontario. My neighborhood is a close knit community filled with wonderful people, trees, parks, libraries, and schools. There is a park across the street from my home filled with activities for toddlers and school aged children. Also within walking distance, one block away, is the Elementary School where there is a larger play area for children. I frequently walk around the neighborhood with my two Cockapoos, Bailey and Teddy. They love the children who come up and pet them.

I am a fun-loving, patient, caring person that is completely dedicated to making sure my child will always be loved, supported and given the knowledge, skills, and motivation to achieve their goals, surrounded by people we love and trust. My family and friends are equally excited and very supportive of my journey to adopt.

Thank you again for visiting and considering my profile. I am honored to be considered and wish you good luck, peace, and comfort.

All my best,


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Central New York

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800-982-3678 (800-98-ADOPT) toll-free, anytime

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