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Ayem & Nik’s Adoption Profile

We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength it takes on your behalf to consider adoption for you and for your child. It’s a courageous and selfless consideration, and should you decide on adoption, we would be honored to be considered as a family for your child. We hope this site can provide with you a picture of who we are and what life with us would be like for your child.

We are Nik and Ayem. We’ve been together for fifteen years and married eleven years. We’re both originally from California, and (starting eight years ago) we now call Brooklyn, NY our home. Our relationship is built on love, honesty, good communication, and plenty of laughter and fun. 🙂

Since we became a couple, we’ve always shared the dream of raising a child together. We both come from loving, close-knit families, and we want to provide the same nurturing, unconditional love to our child. We’ll provide a happy, supportive home where a child will always feel safe and loved.

Thanks for getting to know us through these pages. We can only imagine you’re probably feeling so many intense emotions right now and having to make some incredibly difficult decisions. Whatever you decide, and wherever this journey takes you, we send you our deepest respect and our best wishes.

—Ayem & Nik

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Brooklyn, New York

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800-982-3678 (800-98-ADOPT) toll-free, anytime

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