We Are a Loving and Fun Couple from Southern Vermont Looking to Adopt a Child!


Our names are Becca and Sarah. We have been together for more than 15 years and live in the beautiful Green Mountains of Southern Vermont. Our lives are full and fortunate, with loving family, strong friendships, good humor, and a cozy home. What’s more, we have managed to surround ourselves with children; we have served as aunts, godparents, foster parents, exchange hosts, and school staff. Now we are overjoyed to become parents ourselves.

Thank you for being here. We are grateful for your consideration and humbled by the circumstances. We can only imagine that, if you are reading this, you are at a crossroads. It takes enormous bravery to stand at that crossroads and make decisions on behalf of another. If you believe the best outcome for your baby may include us as adoptive parents, please reach out. And if another path is right for you and your baby, we wish you both every kind of success and happiness.

With respect and gratitude,

–Becca & Sarah