We Are a Loving Couple Looking to Adopt a Child!

Hello! We’re Beth and Neeta in Philadelphia. Thank you for taking the time to visit our adoption profile and get to know a little about us. We have tremendous respect for the decision you are making. As you thoughtfully consider making an adoption plan, please know that we admire you for being here and honor any decision you ultimately make.
 Through these pages, you will be able to see a glimpse of our lives. We hope you’ll get a sense of the supportive circle of family and friends that surrounds us, our interests and adventures, and the warm and welcoming home we’ve built together. We feel incredibly lucky for what we have and hope to share our loving home with a child. We are excited to grow our family through adoption and are deeply grateful to you for taking the time to learn about us.

Where we Live:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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1-518-350-4581 (Monday-Friday 8am–4pm EST)

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(800-98-ADOPT) toll-free, anytime

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About Us:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Five years after we were introduced by a mutual friend in New York City, in 2019 we tied the knot and decided to make Philadelphia our home. In Philly and throughout our lives, we constantly feel the strength and support of our extended community of friends and family. We have built a comfortable rhythm in our life together, filled with family, friends, generosity, learning, laughter, music, and a strong sense of home. We are so excited to grow our family and share the life we’ve built together with a child.

We have both chosen work that supports social justice, striving for communities where everyone has resources, education, and green space to lead fulfilling lives. Both at work and outside it, we care about building a sense of community.

We have fun traveling together, especially to lakes, beaches, and parks. We love getting to know places by walking around, trying restaurants, and finding local artists and musicians. Wherever we are, we enjoy all kinds of delicious food — from fresh pasta to street-cart tacos to spicy curries.

We also love the feeling of arriving back home after a trip or weekend activity. We relax together by cooking, watching movies, doing crossword puzzles, playing or listening to music, and hanging out with our seven-year-old niece. Our dog, Coda, brings both comfort and entertainment to our home life.

Get to know Neeta:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Friends describe Neeta as: warm, thoughtful, laid-back, grounded, determined, and funny. 

I’m a musician, game-lover, voracious reader, and cook. I always have several projects going on in the kitchen, a book in progress, a new game I’m mastering, a piece of music I’m learning, or a new hobby I’m eyeing. Learning is incredibly important to me and I get immense satisfaction out of engaging deeply in a new skill or topic. 

I’ve built my career around making sure all kids have the same learning opportunities that I’ve been lucky to have. I work at a large education organization, designing resources that help students across the country afford college. My work is challenging and fulfilling, and I feel so grateful to be able to do what I do every day. 

I grew up in New Jersey with my parents and older sister. My childhood was filled with family gatherings, weekend visits to New York City, trips around the US and abroad (including to India to visit extended family), music lessons and rehearsals, soccer practices, and quiet nights at home reading and listening to music. I spent my college and early adult years in the Midwest, Los Angeles, and New York, and now in Philadelphia.

My parents instilled in me a love of all kinds of music at a young age – Western classical, Indian classical, and jazz, to name a few. I studied the cello seriously through high school and college and I still play often in orchestras and with friends. They also inspired an appreciation for travel and exploration. I especially love exploring national parks in desert climates; Joshua Tree, the Grand Canyon, Zion, and White Sands National Parks are a few of my favorites.

Get to know Beth:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Friends describe Beth as: an active listener, compassionate, thoughtful, insightful, and funny.

I am community-oriented, enjoy getting to get to know folks one-on-one, and am an avid reader (mostly nonfiction). I love learning new things, improving my Spanish language skills, and exploring all kinds of music. For work, I help social sector organizations meet their goals and strengthen their communities. As a management consultant, I spend most days thinking about how people can drive change in their neighborhoods and regions so that everyone thrives.

I grew up and attended public schools in a mid-sized city in New York state. I’ve lived in several places in the Northeast and Midwest, including in New York City for over a decade. Out of all of them, I love our neighborhood in Philadelphia the most! I’ve stayed close with friends from each of my past homes and video chat with my sister in London often.

My absolute favorite vacation spot is on a lake; nothing makes me happier than a long, outdoor swim. I practice yoga regularly at home and enjoy woodsy hikes with friends. Autumn is the best time of year; I love the vibrant colors, the crisp smell, and the slight chill. You can often find me sipping tea, in any season. Neeta and I enjoy soaking up our surroundings – in Philadelphia or anywhere we visit – by either exploring a park or sitting in a cafe. I have fun coming up with all-ages activities and adventures with our niece or friends’ families: a scavenger hunt hike, an art project, a science experiment, a twist on a familiar board game, or writing our own endings to stories.

Coda the pup:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Coda is our friendly, spunky, playful 4-year-old dog. She’s a constant source of laughs and cuddles at our house. Coda loves snacks – and if there are any crumbs around, she’ll find ‘em. She especially enjoys playing with her toys (tug of war is her favorite!), stretching out for belly rubs, and running around in the yard. And she’s super sweet and gentle with every single kid she meets!

Our home:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

We absolutely love our home and our neighborhood! We live in a beautiful, 100-year-old stone house in a walkable, tree-lined area. We were lucky to move into a home with a magic garden: the prior owner planted nearly a hundred types of trees and flowers. On our third floor, we have an open and airy family room, which we call our “tree house” because of its sloped ceilings and bright natural light. In the winter, it’s an especially cozy spot.

We like to host friends for dinner (Neeta is head chef!) and to relax with board games and music. When the weather is nice, we make use of our back deck, sometimes grilling or sitting around our fire pit. Our niece and the kids in the neighborhood love our backyard — especially climbing up the play structure and zooming down the slide.

A few feet from our yard, there’s a large common lawn that everyone on our block shares. We have wonderful, friendly neighbors; many of them bring their children and dogs to play in this open space. We can take a short walk to shops and restaurants in our neighborhood, including our favorite local pizza place. Just a little farther away, there’s a nearby river surrounded by wooded trails, where we often take weekend walks with Coda and friends.

Our family:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

Our families are a significant part of our lives. Last year we moved to Philadelphia to be closer to Neeta’s sister, brother-in-law, and niece and Beth’s aunt. We’re lucky to be able to see both sets of our parents often, too.

Neeta’s sister and her family live very close by, so we see them regularly for backyard grilling, deck hangs, and hikes on the weekends. We have Neeta’s seven-year-old niece over for dinner about once a week. Neeta’s parents live a quick 2-hour drive away in NJ and are in town often for weekend visits, birthdays, and special occasions. She has a large extended family in the NJ/NY area, as well as across the US, India, and Australia. 

Beth’s parents live in New York state, an easy five-hour drive away. She has a lot of hometown pride and we love visiting! Both her parents are active volunteers with local groups; her mom also sews beautiful quilts for family and friends. Beth’s sister lives in London and comes to New York or Philadelphia at least three times a year for holidays and big events. We have frequent family video chats, which often turn into giggle-fests. Beth has a close-knit extended family living all over the country, Europe, and other parts of the world. Twice a year, we get together with 25-35 of her aunts, uncles, and cousins for a holiday meal.

Our friends:

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

We have a tight circle of close friends whose lives are intertwined with ours. We’re lucky to have good friends in Philly, and we both stay in touch with networks from high school, college, and various workplaces. Our friends, many of whom also work in the social sector and public policy, are constant sources of support and laughs.

Some of our friends have children, whom we love to spend time and play with, and several others plan to grow their families soon. We see our local friends for dinner, museums, hikes, concerts, and summer festivals. Our friends in New York and elsewhere like to visit us in Philly; we often have guests stay with us over the weekend. We are also surrounded by a thoughtful set of neighbors; we frequently help each other out, share extra baked goods, or trade something fresh from the vegetable garden.

Our extended circle of family and friends helps us feel connected and cared for. Many of them have already offered help with babysitting! We will be very excited to introduce them to our new family member.

Thank You.

Beth & Neeta's Adoption Agency Profile | 1-800-982-3678 | Friends in Adoption | http://www.friendsinadoption.org

We are immensely grateful for everything we have and are eager to share that as parents. We’re excited to grow our family through adoption. Already, our home is a warm, welcoming, and loving space. We know it will be a supportive place for a child to grow and a place of unconditional love. 

We are grateful to you for visiting our profile. We know that considering adoption is complex and intensely personal. We appreciate your thoughtfulness on this journey and we would be honored to get to know you. If we pursue adoption together, we would welcome the chance to stay connected with you over time. No matter what decision you make, we want to express our deep gratitude to you for pausing here to get to know us.

—Beth and Neeta

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