We Are a Couple from Rochester, NY Hoping to Adopt a Baby!

Hello, we are Brenna and Ken from Rochester, NY. We are both looking incredibly forward to growing our family through adoption. We hope that as you browse through our adoption profile, you get a sense of the loving home and family we have for a child.

About Us: We met in 2012 in South Florida during graduate school. In 2015 we were able to both get wonderful jobs at a medical center in Rochester, NY. We got married in 2016 in the Finger Lakes (a special place to us), and bought our home together in Rochester in 2018. We love our home, and exploring and enjoying the lakes and nature that surrounds us. We really value the traditions we have already established, and can’t wait to create new ones with a future child. We also love creating memories through trips and travel as a family.

About Our Home: Our home is located in a quaint neighborhood outside of the city of Rochester. We live on a beautiful tree-lined, lamp-lit street, which is famous for its extravagant Halloween decorations. We have taken great joy in making our old house into a warm and welcoming home and we love decorating it for all holidays and seasons. Behind our backyard is a walking path that leads to the neighborhood elementary school and a brand new playground. We have grown to love our little city and community! We love going downtown and visiting the shops, cafes, farmers markets, and restaurants. But perhaps our favorite part of Rochester is the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Our absolute favorite part of where we live is that we are only a few minutes from some beautiful beaches of Lake Ontario, where we visit throughout the seasons. We both love the beach! Brenna’s parents also live on Canandaigua Lake, where we love spending time in the summer, and can’t wait to bring a child someday.

About Brenna “Brenna is a very compassionate person who will always go the extra mile to care for those closest to her. When Brenna is around children, you can see she is in her natural element. She is a huge lover of children and has a special ability to make them laugh, communicate with and understand them. She is tender, nurturing, and patient with them. She is very passionate about the work she does helping children with special needs. She is also an amazing cook — she loves hosting family or close friends. Brenna also has a playful and silly side to her, which brings a lot of life to our home. She is always up for trying new things and visiting new places, and loves looking for a new travel spot or planning a weekend adventure. Like me, she loves being outside and near water. She is also a lover of all animals — and a big fan of pajamas and a comfy couch with a snuggly dog. As a parent, I know she will be present and attentive, and will help me to do the same. I have no doubt watching Brenna as a mother will be one of the greatest joys of my life.” —Ken

About Ken: “Ken has a very gentle, laid-back, and calming demeanor. He is extremely patient and kind. These traits make Ken perfect as a pediatric psychologist working with kids with special needs, such as autism. He mostly helps kids and families who are struggling to manage their child’s behavior. He is so passionate about this work and helping these kids and families. These traits also make Ken a fantastic father to his two (now adult) children, Micah and Noelle. He loves his kids SO much. Despite being long-distance, Ken has always prioritized maintaining a closeness with his kids. He is the soft and kind hearted father I always wanted for my children. He is such a natural with kids, with so much patience, flexibility, and a good sense of humor. He really does light up when he is with children. In his free time, Ken enjoys relaxing and spending time outdoors while listening to music, but his ideal day is a day outside at a beach with family. Ken also likes going for walks with our dog, Fred, and running. He is also a big movie buff!” —Brenna

Meet Noelle and Micah: Ken has two (now adult) children, Micah and Noelle. They primarily reside in Maine, but visit us often throughout the year. Noelle is the oldest of the two. She has always had a passion for learning and goes to college in New York. She takes after Ken in many ways. She is observant, inquisitive, and thoughtful. Micah is the younger one, and recently graduated from high school. He enjoys the outdoors and working with his hands. He takes after Ken in his big heart and patience. He enjoys animals and has an affinity for children (much like Ken). He also has a very silly sense of humor.

Meet Fred: Fred is our 10-year-old fur kid, who is an integral part of our family. We adopted Fred from a local humane society in 2016. Fred loves humans and cannot get enough snuggles. He loves to spend his days napping on the back cushions of the chairs and couches. He also loves the yard, going for daily walks, and his toys.

Our Friends and Family: We are fortunate to have many loving and supportive people in our lives, both friends and family (and friends who feel like family). We both have family scattered across the country, and some even outside the country. Brenna’s parents live close by, and will likely be very involved with the baby. Brenna’s sister and many other family members live in Florida. Ken grew up living many places, as his family was in the military. He spent a lot of his childhood in Panama and Southern Texas. Ken’s mother, brother and sister-in-law, and nephews all still live in Texas, and his father lives all the way in Scotland (it is fun to visit though!). Ken has other relatives we sometimes visit in Colorado.

We have many friends here and close to Rochester, but we also have friends in lots of other states (Florida, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Maryland). There is never a shortage of people/places to visit, and we love hosting our friends here in Rochester too. We enjoy regularly hosting friends for brunch or dinner, and usually have a couple work parties at our house per year, such as a summer barbeque and Christmas party.

Every family member and friend we have shared our adoption news with has been incredibly supportive and so excited to welcome a baby.

Our Gratitude: We are looking so forward to adopting a baby and both believe adoption is really special — a beautiful example of strangers coming together to help one another. We can imagine that getting to know a family through an adoption profile may have some limitations, and we can only begin to understand the difficult decisions ahead of you. Regardless of the choice you end up making, we hope that somewhere along the way something ends up just “feeling right”… And with that feeling you find some relief and peace knowing that you are making the best decision (whatever it may be). We really appreciate you taking this time to consider us.

—Brenna & Ken

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